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At Dental Repair & Protect, we want to offer you dental services in Timișoara at the highest standards. The objective of our team of professionals, led by Mrs. Dr. Sîrbu, is to provide you with the best treatment, suitable for your wishes and needs!

Consultație stomatologică primară și de specialitate

Primary and specialist dental consultation

During the dental consultations in our clinic, specialist doctors have the opportunity to analyze the evolution of the health of your teeth, detecting early signs of dental diseases.

Profilaxie dentară

Dental prophylaxis

Dental prophylaxis is the most effective method of preventing the onset of dental diseases. Rigorous hygiene, accompanied by regular visits to the dentist for preventive procedures, will significantly reduce the risk of caries and infections.

Estetică dentară

Dental aesthetics

The dental aesthetic procedures available at our clinic will help you achieve a flawless smile.

Tratamente odontale

Odontological treatments

Odontology deals with the analysis and treatment of caries, but also of possible cracks or dental dystrophies. During the odontology treatments, our dentists will restore the functional and aesthetic properties of the affected teeth.

Tratamente endodontice și parodontologice

Endodontic and periodontal treatments

Root canal treatment is one of the most common procedures encountered in a dental office. Our specialists will remove the infection from the root of the tooth and fight periodontal diseases.

Protetică dentară

Prosthetic dentistry

With the help of advanced dental prosthetics treatments available in our clinic, the problem of edentulousness does not have to give you headaches anymore! Learn more about our dental prosthetics treatments!

Tratamente ortodontice

Orthodontic treatments

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals with aligning and correcting the position of teeth. If you are looking for a dental appliance, our doctors will help you choose the right treatment for you!

Chirurgie dentară

Dental surgery

With the help of dental surgery, the Dental Repair & Protect team of specialists have the opportunity to treat complex conditions that are outside the scope of general dentistry. Extractions are the most common form of dental surgery. Discover more about these procedures!

Implant dentar

Dental implant

The dental implant represents one of the most advanced ways to combat the problem of edentence.